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Draw A Line!

Posted on: July 2, 2008 5:32 pm

I'm just wondering when a line will be drawn. More and more in baseball kids are being signed at younger and younger ages it is getting to be ridiculous. The recent signing of a 16 year old pitcher(by the A's) from the Dominican Republic prompted me to say something about the issue. 16 years old is just too young to have a MLB contract already and be playing minor league ball, I am sure his current situation with money in one of the poorest countries on earth has something to do with it but still let him develop a little more before you start playing big league ball. Sure he has the body of a major league pitcher hes huge at 6-Foot-7, 205 pounds and runs a fastball up in the mid 90's, but there needs to be a rule that you can not sign till your 18(for people outside the country) or for the U.S. you graduate high school(some people graduate as 17 year olds). This rule will help young kids who are getting into professional ball too early from wearing down there bodies and ruining there careers before they ever make it big.

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